Tuesday 8 May 2012

How Irish are you?

Take the test and see if you have green blood!
Your favourite tipple is…
A)     a cup of tea
B)      a pint of Guinness
C)      a bottle of Evian
You greet people with…
A)     Top o’ the morning to ye
B)      How’ya
C)      How do you do?
You celebrate St Patrick’s Day by…
A)     Going to the pub and getting drunk
B)      Staying at home and getting drunk
C)      Staying away from everyone who is getting drunk
Your thoughts on the band U2 are…
A)     Best band in the world
B)      Biggest shower of wasters ever
C)      I liked Achtung Baby
When you hear a Westlife song you…
A)     Beam with pride
B)      Are filled with shame
C)      Don’t notice
Your favourite crisps are…
A)     Walker’s Cheese & Onion
B)      Tayto Cheese & Onion
C)      Kettle Handcooked crisps
Your favourite city in the world is…
A)     Cork City
B)      Dublin City
C)      London City
If you got –
Mostly As – Your idea of Irish is the stereotyped image we’ve been trying to shake off for years?  Are you sure you’re Irish and not American?
Mostly Bs – You’re as Irish as a green shamrock playing a harp while drinking a pint of the blackstuff. Fair play to ye!
Mostly Cs – You’re most definitely not Irish but don’t worry you’re still welcome to share a few pints down at the Irish Centre any time you like!

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